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Every month, our attorneys help hundreds of timeshare owners like you eliminate their costly timeshares, legally and permanently. No matter your situation, we will help you exit your contract. We guarantee the results and if we are not able to permanently terminate your timeshare, you receive a 100% refund.

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Getting out of a timeshare agreement can be arduous, lengthy and complicated. That’s why Timeshare Termination Team is here to help. With an outstanding reputation for consumer advocacy, document preparation services and contract negotiation and guidance, we specialize in connecting you with expert timeshare attorneys and lawyers to help you permanently exit your timeshare. Known as the best timeshare cancellation company around town, we work closely with our team of professionals to find effective and efficient legal solutions.

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The timeshare industry is riddled with rules and nuances, but we have the know-how to develop a legal timeshare exit strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. With a reputation for thorough and open communication, our professionals will keep you informed from beginning to end. Our process is simple and guaranteed to help you permanently cancel your timeshare. Let Timeshare Termination Team help you get rid of your timeshare and get on with your life.

Relief from Timeshare Fees

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for your timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees? Be free from your timeshare financial burdens and let us help you execute the legal steps needed to exit your timeshare. If you were the victim of a timeshare vacation scam or are merely feeling weighed down by the cost and responsibility of your timeshare, we are prepared to offer honest advice and guidance based on your unique situation. Stop funneling money into timeshare maintenance fees and timeshare mortgages—give us a call and get started with your timeshare release plan