Timeshare Termination Team

Timeshares to most people are stressful and costly financial obligations they’ve been burdened with for months or even years. With the mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments and the entire timeshare contract, it can be an overwhelming hardship to deal with.

Our attorneys handle practically any timeshare situation and are experienced enough to handle it efficiently. In the Denver, Aurora and the Denver-Metro Area, we provide our clients with trustworthy timeshare cancellation, consumer advocacy, consulting and coaching, seasoned expertise in document preparation services, and complete timeshare cancellation contract negotiation.

It is important to use an attorney who understands and is able to help navigate the nuances of timeshare ownership, ownership rights, developer rights, HOA rights, and other rules and regulations governing the timeshare industry.

You deserve to be free from your timeshare financial burdens.

We offer guidance and advice on your unique situation and can help you execute the legal steps to legally cancel your timeshare.

We are so confident we can help, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!