Disadvantages of Owning a Timeshares

Buying a property with a timeshare contract means the right to use that property for spending your holiday. It may sound interesting, but the truth is a timeshare is not so advantageous as it seems. It can actually become quite problematic as it involves a substantial, permanent or long-term financial commitment with recurrent costs that […]


Top Summer Vacation Destinations: Mountain vs. Sea

We know only too well that preparing for a holiday is always n interesting and exciting; you make a lot of decisions about accommodation, transport, activities plus many other things you need to plan for a great experience. However, we also know that probably the most important decision involves choosing your destination. Mountain – nature […]

Family of three enjoying vacation in log cabin

Timeshare Alternatives For Your Family

A timeshare does not represent an investment and it will not bring you any profit, even if having your property in what seems to be a vacation paradise is appealing. Timeshare ownerships are notoriously hard to exit, and, sooner or later, they will turn into financial burdens and you will be seeking to hire the […]

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