Advantages Of Getting Out Of Your Timeshare

The time-sharing system is the latest trend in terms of holidays. By this method, invented by the French more than 40 years ago, villas, houses, hotel rooms, apartments or studios can be bought and not just rented, by tourists. Basically, customers pay an amount of money for a room or a property that they can […]


How Getting Out of a Timeshare Agreement Is Possible

A timeshare is a business contract whereby an entrepreneur buys a property and then sells it to his clients, in parts. More exactly, it is a form of co-ownership of a holiday property, all rights and obligations resulting from the condominium being shared between owners. It sounds good, but there are also significant disadvantages of […]


What Are the Most Unexpected Expenses You’ll Have to Make for Your Timeshares?

Getting a second hand timeshare can seem like a good idea at first, and even with taxes and utility payments, you can get away with about $2,000 per year on average. Now, even if that amount is fine when it comes to maintaining your finances in the green, sometimes timeshare contracts will require you to […]

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