Stage 1 – Consultation Meeting

We will meet with you at our office in Aurora, CO to review your specific timeshare purchase and if your file is accepted, we guarantee we will get you out of your timeshare contract—A 100% money-back guarantee.



Stage 2 – Gather Information

Once you’ve decided that you would like to terminate your timeshare, we will work together to make sure we have all the documents needed to start the process. We will thoroughly explain how the process works and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide you with monthly updates on how your timeshare cancellation is going.



Stage 3 – Legal Process

Our attorneys have been legally helping people cancel their timeshares for many years. With legally binding and documented results, your timeshare will be gone forever. Each situation is unique, so the timeframe for a termination will vary. We guarantee your timeshare will be terminated or your money back.



Stage 4 – Free from Your Timeshare

As soon as we are notified that you no longer have your timeshare, we will contact you to share the good news. You will receive written confirmation of your timeshare termination for your records.