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Denver, Colorado

Legally cancel your timeshare

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Tampa, Florida

Legally cancel your timeshare

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Phoenix, Arizona

Legally cancel your timeshare

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San Diego

San Diego, California

Legally cancel your timeshare

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Ready to cancel and get rid of your timeshare?

You bought that timeshare, thinking it was the answer to guaranteed vacations for life. Now, you’re lassoed into high maintenance fees for a lifetime! You haven’t visited those palm-tree-lined beaches, or maybe that annual week on the slopes no longer fits your lifestyle. Hindsight is always 20/20, so whatever your reason, you simply want out.

Timeshare Cancellation Help is here!

Timeshare Termination Team helps owners legally and permanently get rid of their timeshares and maintenance fees. Our process is simple and GUARANTEED to cancel your timeshare contract.  If you’re ready to invest in your own financial goals—not those of a resort—let’s talk. You deserve freedom from this burden.



Our Expert Advisors, along with our team of timeshare attorneys, will guide you through a step-by-step process. We will legally remove your name from the title and the maintenance plan.

Save Money


Relax! We have solutions for nearly all timeshare situations, and we’ll help you with yours.

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Mom and Dad had good intentions. They loved their timeshare, and you’ve inherited it. Now you have ownership of an annual maintenance fee and a week at a resort you’re not interested in ever going to. Fear not, we can get you of this timeshare.

"I chose Timeshare Termination Team because of one word and that's "trust..." I have to thank Timeshare Termination Team from the bottom of my heart and my pocketbook!

— Tom

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Our Process

Our Solution to the "Sell My Timeshare" Problem


Step 1 - Consultation


Meet at our office so we can review your specific timeshare situation. When your file is accepted, we guarantee to get you out of your timeshare contract with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Step 2 - Information


We understand you want to be free from the burden of your timeshare as quickly as possible. There are important documents needed to start the process, which we review with you to thoroughly explain the process and answer all your questions. Then our team launches into research to gather public information needed to negotiate the termination. We update you monthly on progress we make.


Step 3 - Legal


Our timeshare attorneys have been helping people legally cancel their timeshares for many years. They are experienced in navigating the nuances of timeshare ownership, ownership rights, developer rights, HOA rights, and other rules and regulations governing the timeshare industry. Each situation is unique, so the timeframe they need to terminate can vary. We guarantee you receive legally binding and documented results—your timeshare will be gone forever! Professional Services Agreement


Step 4 - Freedom


As soon as we get confirmation from our legal team, we contact you to share the great news that your timeshare contract is canceled. Also, we meet with you to review final paperwork and answer any questions you have and provide you written confirmation of the termination for your records.

Hear from Our Clients

John and virginia

Johnny and Shetona

mark mcgoffin

I was really pleased with the results and the time frame exceeded my expectations. This company is very reliable and professional. I am happy to recommend their services to anyone wishing to rid themselves of their timeshare burden.

Michael M.

Jason helped me with terminating my contract and he was AMAZING!!!! He kept in contact with me and got right on top of my case!! The work this company does is much appreciated. They are professional and helpful!

Chelsea K.

The process was very easy, it went very well and took less time than I was told. Thanks!

Phil E.


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