Why It’s Cheaper to Take a Traditional Vacation Instead of Buy A Timeshare

Timeshare purchases are usually advertised saying that they offer a way to reduce your vacation-related costs significantly and that buying the timeshare will allow you to spend your vacations in the same spectacular spot, among the same comfortable circumstances that you know since your first stay. However, there are many factors in the other tray […]


A Short History of Vacations

The concept of vacationing is old and new at the same time. The first vacationers were ancient Romans, members of the wealthy classes, who left home for exploring the known world and spend prolonged periods, often years, traveling. Vacationing ceased to be popular during the Middle Ages, but the Renaissance saw a revival of the […]


How Did Timeshares Get So Popular?

The idea of shared vacation accommodation ownership emerged in the 1960’s in the UK in a period when exotic vacations or even vacationing in domestic resorts was too expensive for most households. Buying a vacation home seemed out of reach for many, but sharing the ownership was a great way to reduce the size of […]

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