Are Timeshare Scams Common in Colorado and How to Recognize Them?

Timeshares raise lots of controversy – some timeshare owners are very happy with their purchase, enjoying every minute of their stay at the resort of choice, while others feel tricked into signing the contract and would do whatever it takes to get out of it. The truth is that there are lots honest, legitimate timeshare […]


Alternatives to Timeshares for Holiday Traveling

If you are looking for a safe and secure place to spend the holidays and your vacations in and you like going back to the same place for years if it meets your expectations, here are a couple of alternatives to timeshares that make more sense financially, but come with fewer limitations: Buy a vacation […]


Why Timeshares Don’t Make the Best Holiday Gifts

Ideally, the best holiday gift is an item that the receiver has been long been dreaming of or something that the receiver will enjoy using and having, even though he or she has not really expected it. Unless your loved has specifically asked for a timeshare deed, it is not a best idea to get […]

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