Think Twice Before You Decide

Thinking Twice Before Investing in a Timeshare

Owning a timeshare is not always as you have pictured, so you should carefully consider the decision to purchase before signing the contract.  There are however licensed Timeshare Lawyers who can help you with terminating the contract if you have already signed, and are now re-thinking your decision. The most important thing is to be […]

Ways To Cancel A Contract

Why Might I Want to Cancel My Timeshare?

Purchasing a timeshare is purchasing an interest in a piece of real estate, most often a vacation property. Timeshares sell very hard, this is why sellers do their best to trick people into purchasing. So, if you attended a sales presentation and walked out owning a timeshare, take a little time and try to determine […]

Timeshare Questions

When is The Best Time to Get Rid of My Timeshare?

There is no guarantee that you will need your timeshare forever and all reasons why you may want to change your mind once you have signed a contract are perfectly acceptable: you need the money from the original investment, the maintenance-fees are ever increasing and you take no significant benefit from timeshare ownership etc.  So […]