How Exiting Your Timeshare Will Help You Save Money in the New Year

A timeshare might look like an attractive investment that makes it possible to spend your vacations in the resort of your dreams, but many timeshares are much more expensive than they first seem – maintenance fees can start increasing soon after you sign the contract, the property might need major repairs the costs of which […]


Things that Resorts Don’t Tell You About Timeshares

  Buying a timeshare makes perfect sense in many different situations, but for most people, it is not such a perfect solution, especially for those who find out about what their resort has not told them, one secret at a time. Here are some of the things that resorts might not want to tell their […]


Why Timeshare Maintenance Fees Are So High

When you buy timeshare ownership, you will have to pay not only an upfront sum, but yearly maintenance fees as well. While in most cases, these maintenance fees start at affordable levels, after a while many owners realize that the fees start increasing and they soon seem to be getting out of control – if […]

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