Did You Get Everything You Were Promised in Your Timeshare?

Timeshare properties and the terms and conditions promised to prospective owners are always very attractive and in most cases, the sales person who presents the property does not make false promises, but even so, many timeshare owners become disappointed with their decision very soon after signing the contract or when they first visit the property […]


Understanding a Timeshare’s Yearly Fees

When you buy timeshare, the total sum that you agree to pay for it includes the down payment as well as resort operational costs called yearly maintenance fees. Some resorts require owners to pay on a monthly basis, others require annual payments, but all companies selling timeshares charge fees. The maintenance fees that you, as […]


Why Timeshares Aren’t Lucrative Investments

Timeshares might look great when they are described during the sales pitch, but in fact, they are not very lucrative investments and they always leave you asking how do I sell my timeshare property without damaging my credit. Here is why: Reduced flexibility – one of the aspects that most dissatisfied timeshare owners mention is […]

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