Things to Consider After Buying A Timeshare

Ideally, buying timeshare should be a carefully weighed decision that is made based on the buyer’s financial situation at the time of the purchase and in the future as well as his or her plans for upcoming vacations. However, timeshares are very often impulse purchases influenced by the great location of the property and the […]


Popular Vacation Destinations for Halloween

Halloween is a holiday associated with ghosts, witches, haunted houses, goblins and fun with costumes and candies. The most popular Halloween destinations are places where visitors expect to have unique ghostly experiences and party – here are some of the best destinations: Salem – one of the scariest cities in the US and the place […]


Are You Required to Keep Up with Maintenance for Your Timeshare?

Timeshare maintenance fees are exactly what the term suggests: the sums of money collected by the timeshare management company for the maintenance of the property. The fees usually include not only the costs of actual repairs and upkeep, but the costs of refurbishing the property, of buying household appliances, various taxes and insurance premiums as […]

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