What Does It Mean to Sell A Timeshare?

At first, a timeshare seems convenient, but after a while you may realize that it is more expensive than you have anticipated (there are taxes, maintenance fees and mortgage!), or it simply does not fit into your lifestyle anymore, and you start wandering how do I sell my timeshare property legally. Either way, selling your […]


How To Narrow Down The Search For A Timeshare Attorney?

If you took the decision to get rid of your timeshare, you must find a good attorney, with skills and experience in dealing with the challenges of timeshare contracts. People who have been in the same situation know how difficult it is to rescind a timeshare contract and how you are told so many times […]


Setting Goals for Getting Rid Of Your Timeshare

Once you realize that a timeshare is not an investment, getting rid of it becomes the next step. Unfortunately, this is going to be very hard and you will finally understand why it was so easy to purchase your timeshare in the first place. There is no standard procedure to get rid of your timeshare […]