Are Most Timeshares on The Resale Market Already Paid Off?

Buying into a timeshare is definitely much, much easier than owning, let alone selling it. Timeshares seem to make all the sense in the world when they are pitched during the sales presentation – the buying price is usually much lower than the price of a vacation home, the property is attractive and the amenities […]


What Can Happen If You Get Rid of Your Timeshare Illegally?

Being locked in a costly and unwanted timeshare has pushed many owners to make desperate decisions and try to get rid of their timeshare property in illegal ways. However, these decisions cannot be good, timeshare contracts are very thoroughly formulated and very specific about what the owner can and cannot do with the property and […]


Is It Legal to Let Someone Else Use Your Timeshare?

While some timeshare contracts have clauses that do not allow timeshare owners to let someone else use their property, many contracts include no such clause and they also allow the owner to rent the property, so the document to turn to if you want to find out whether your timeshare can be used by others […]