Four Reasons You Should Never Buy a Timeshare

Buying a timeshare can be a good thing if you are sure you can afford it and if you are not fooled into signing such a contract that you do not know too much about. A timeshare gives you the opportunity to spend your vacation in places where you normally do not afford to go. […]


When is the Perfect Time to Get Out of Your Timeshare

Buying a property under the traditional timeshare regime – the right to use that property for a certain period each year – can be quite problematic. The same thing can be said about joining systems offering long-term holiday products such as holiday clubs that provide discounts on accommodation or access to various benefits, sometimes in […]


You Don’t Have to Own a Timeshare to Stay in a Timeshare

Timeshare holidays can be attractive because this system provides the opportunity to enjoy, for a certain period each year, the exclusive use of a property in a luxury resort in another state or even in another country. But the lack of information and the shift of those who sell such holiday deals can put people […]