Tired of Timeshare Maintenance Fees? Here’s What to Do

Timeshare Maintenance Fees No matter how long you’ve had your timeshare, you’ve probably noticed one pesky little thing (okay, maybe many pesky little things) — the fees! Maintenance fees are part of the package, but when you bought the timeshare, you probably didn’t consider them, really. You definitely didn’t consider the fact that they would […]


Why People Regret Purchasing Timeshares

The timeshare concept has been imported from the IT field, originated by the meaning of “technology that allows multiple users to simultaneously access a central computer via distinct terminals.” Acceptance of the concept in the field of the law has prompted it to designate the ownership or joint lease of a vacant property by several […]


The Top Three Reasons to Get Out of Your Timeshare

Owning a timeshare may seem like a dream. A place where you can go on vacation every year? Why would someone want out of that? But the reality is, for people who are feeling stuck in a timeshare, that dream can quickly become a nightmare that never seems to end. There could be many reasons […]

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