Do You Qualify for A Timeshare?

Do You Qualify For A Purchase

Attractive timeshare properties are offered by many hotel chains and timeshare management companies, but they are not available to everyone. Potential buyers need to fulfil specific conditions to qualify as buyers – here are some of the most important criteria:

  • Identification – the driver’s license or some other type of state-issued document of identification that you want to use for the application needs to be up to date;
  • Age – many timeshare seller companies do not sell to people under the age of 28;
  • Proof of employment – in most cases, the payments required to obtain and to maintain ownership of the timeshare property are made from month to month, like a loan, which also means that you will need to prove that you have stable employment;
  • Proof of income – most sellers also have limitations in terms of household income and do not sell their properties to people whose income is under the threshold;
  • Marital status – most timeshare companies prefer to sell to couples, so if you are married or you can prove co-habitation with your partner, the document will increase your chances to qualify as a timeshare property buyer;
  • Home ownership and credit score – some timeshare sellers require their buyers to prove that they already own property and they also require their buyers to have good credit scores.  Do some research at prior to making decisions.