Four Reasons You Should Never Buy a Timeshare

How To Cancel A Timeshare Property And Save

Buying a timeshare can be a good thing if you are sure you can afford it and if you are not fooled into signing such a contract that you do not know too much about. A timeshare gives you the opportunity to spend your vacation in places where you normally do not afford to go. One of the advantages is that paying now for future holidays keeps you protected from further price increases.

There are good timeshare deals, but also contracts that you will regret, therefore the consideration of owning a timeshare requires research and attention. Buying a timeshare is not a decision you can take easily.

There are many ways in which some sellers will try to take your money without telling you about hidden costs related to timeshares. Always read the contract very carefully, and do not sign until you ask the advice of a specialist. In principle, if a bid sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is, and you should remain cautious, instead of getting excited too quickly. Also, if you have the impression that you are somehow rushed into signing a contract (a pretty common practice, unfortunately, in timeshare sales), do not sign!

As such, the best reasons to never buy a timeshare are the following:

  • A timeshare is a complex transaction – too complex!
  • In most of the cases, such a contract is signed for indefinite duration
  • It will be difficult for you to sell your timeshare and you will get only a small percentage of the money you paid for it.  It might leave you asking is it better to cancel my timeshare contract or how do I sell my timeshare property and not lose money.
  • Things happen in life, and you might not be able to always schedule your vacation during your assigned period.