How Did Timeshares Start?

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The concept of “timeshare” started in the `60s, in Great Britain, where it was known as “holiday home sharing”. Four families would purchase a vacation home, each having the right for using it exclusively, for one season; each year, they rotated seasons, so that everyone enjoys them equally.

The concept was then adopted by a French development company and also by a company in Baar, Switzerland.

The first timeshare in America was the Hilton Hale Kaanapali, situated on the island of Maui, Hawaii, while the first non-hotel timeshare was the Kaua`i Kailani, also started in Hawaii, which came with a novelty: selling timeshares on a point system.

The first “deeded ownership” timeshare program was in California, at Brockway Springs, while the first purpose-built interval ownership resort was Florida’s Sanibel Beach Club.

The timeshare industry started to grow and resorts all over the world adopted this concept. By 1990`s, vacation ownership properties were offered by major hotel companies, and sales reached record highs.  With the growth of timeshares, there has been a growth in need for answers on how do i sell my timeshare I no longer want.  There are more and more companies available that can help with that question.

Today, it is estimated that there are five million timeshare owners in the world, and their businesses are doing very well. So well, that most of them have plans to expand and upgrade. The vacation ownership industry currently offers about 5,500 resorts in more than 100 countries.