How Often Do People Actually Use Their Timeshares?

Did You KnowTimeshares make the property at the destination available to the timeshare owner once a year for the duration of the timeshare contract, in the same period each year. The duration of the time allocated to each owner of the timeshare property may vary, but it is usually between one and two weeks.

While taking time off work in the same period each year and spending your vacation in the same place year after year might seem attractive in the beginning, statistical data show that the feature that makes timeshare so convincing to the buyer – the availability of the property in the same period each year – is exactly what people who own timeshare for several years mention as the aspect that is the most difficult to cope with. Stressful work conditions, changing family routines, unexpected events or simply the desire to explore different destinations can all make timeshare vacations unwanted and account for the phenomenon that a vast majority of timeshare owners start looking for a way to get rid of their timeshare contracts in about five years after the initial purchase was made. However, timeshares are notoriously difficult to get out of, so the only choice that many of them see is to continue paying their dues without actually using the property.  For help, contact a good timeshare attorney to legally get out of a timeshare.