How to Avoid Timeshare Presentations – Helpful Tips on Saying “No!”

Learn To Say NO To A Timeshare

Timeshare presentations, developers with a lot of money on their hands and fast-talking salespeople – that about sums up what the timeshare industry is all about. When you get an invitation to a timeshare presentation, it’s usually best to look (and run) the other way. Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople are trained to be extremely persistent, and if you’re not used to how things work in a place like Los Angeles or Miami, you might fall into their trap sooner or later.


The first tip to consider is that there’s no such thing as “something for nothing.” Take our word for it that there are a lot of sales gimmicks you might not even know about that somehow turn out to seem like they can offer you a timeshare for virtually no money. However, the additional costs involved will astound you. It’s usually best to avoid the offer altogether. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Another important thing to consider is that you have the ability (and the right) to find out who you’re dealing with. If you pick up the phone and a salesperson is trying to attract you with words like “discovery tours” or “exceptional value promotion” on a brand new vacation home) then you should already know that you’re dealing with a timeshare agent, despite all the sneakiness involved in the call itself. So ask them about their company and if real estate ownership is involved. A quick Google search later, you’ll know exactly who and what you’re dealing with.  First visit companies that deal with regretful owners, like, so you can learn from their mistakes and not your own.