Our Culture, Our Team

It starts at the top and flows throughout. The entire Timeshare Termination Team—owners, employees, attorneys and consultants—has high expectations and settles for nothing short of excellence. We are dedicated to creative problem solving and adaptability and are skilled at overcoming challenges.

We treat everyone like family. We help dreams and goals become reality. We listen to concerns with open and collaborative minds. Our expert advisors provide a safe, low-pressure environment where clients can ask questions and gather information. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident about working with us.

Brian Wilbur


“It’s so rewarding to be building a business based on creating peace of mind for those who need it most. Maybe it’s my military background, but from the beginning, I was determined that Timeshare Termination Team would stand up and support the guy (or gal!) who needed a voice and a clear path to solve his problems efficiently and completely. I’m proud that, for the first time in a long time, we are the ones putting his interests first.”

Holly Wilbur


“I’m amazed at how we’ve grown in a relatively short time. I believe that it’s because there are no moral shortcuts in our business or our lives. I wish everyone could meet our team. They’re incredible, highly ethical and compassionate professionals. They understand that you probably saw a timeshare investment as a way to help create a financial legacy and lifelong memories with your family. Your heart was in the right place. I’m honored you’re looking at us to help you alleviate the financial burden that’s weighing on you.”