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Are your clients burdened with a timeshare obligation?
Chances are you didn’t specialize in “how to get rid of a timeshare” when you earned your advanced degree. More and more we hear how complicated your job becomes when an unwanted timeshare is involved in a plan. An estate attorney we work with called them “the bane of my existence.”

We also work with CPAs whose clients are paying 15-18% interest on their timeshare mortgage.

If you have a client with an unwanted, burdensome timeshare or vacation club, and the maintenance fees continue to increase, they have four options:

1. Keep It — Many people attempt to forget about their timeshare—that is until they get their maintenance fee bill. Most don’t realize that timeshares are deeded property, which means the estate or heir has automatic survivorship. We encourage people to have candid conversations with their children or heirs to make sure they want to inherit the timeshare along with the maintenance fees.

2. Sell It — Timeshares are selling on eBay for less than a dollar! People want out of their annual maintenance fees. Virtually every state’s Attorney General has warnings issued on timeshare resale scams. We advise people never to hire a company to “sell” their timeshare.

3. Give It — Sometimes people will just give their timeshare away to someone and transfer the deed into their name. Many people just want out of the yearly maintenance fees that continue to increase.

4. Terminate It — Legal precedence, which is a principle or rule established in a previous legal case, has been created to allow timeshare owners another option. Through the legal process, they can be released of the financial burden of a timeshare forever, even if there is an outstanding mortgage on it. This is what we do.

Benefits of Partnering With Timeshare Termination Team
We partner with estate attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs and other financial professionals. We help to add value to your client relationships by offering a legal avenue to permanently cancel their timeshare, which eliminates future mortgage payments and/or maintenance fees. You will help your clients grow their portfolios even further, allowing them to save for retirement or invest in much better assets.

We will work hand-in-hand with you, maintain open communication and always keep your client’s interests top-of-mind.

If you have a client who needs our help, please contact us today. We are eager to set up a meeting with you and your client(s) at our office, located conveniently in Centennial, Colorado, three miles east of I-25 on Arapahoe Road. Rest assured, our goal is to provide your clients with peace of mind.