Sell My Timeshare? Well, it was a nice thought.

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The Timeshare Termination Team has a Simple and Guaranteed process to get rid of your Timeshare instead. Legally.

Ah. Much needed and well-deserved Vacations. Every year. Anywhere the program has properties. Any time of year. Minimal cost. Does any of that sound familiar? Of course, it does. It’s what you heard when you bought into the Timeshare dream.

Perhaps your story is different. Perhaps a beloved family member passed their Timeshare down to you, believing you

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would use it, even be excited about it, sharing in the fantasy of vacations anywhere, anytime. Instead, all you’ve come to know and expect these days are bills for the ever hiking Maintenance Fees, or Rejection letters or emails announcing your chosen destination, the one you promised your wife you’d take her to, is at full capacity… until 2085. Well, maybe for the next few years anyway.

Yet, you are logical and you finally make the decision to get out of your Timeshare. You do so because it is no longer worth the headache. Or the cost. That excitement you initially felt is now gone and all you’re left feeling is dread and regret, and you continue to suffer through more financial burden and expense on something you cannot use.

Like every life dilemma, we all turn to the Honest Engine Internet to find THE answer. After all, why would the internet ever mislead you?

Sell your Timeshare. Or so they promise(d).

If you hear nothing else, hear what’s being said in this section because it is one of the most important points that can be brought to light in the world of Timeshare selling. We encourage you to first put aside all the emotion and then really uncover what it is that is being said. One Timeshare Selling website, promises to sell and advertise for you after you subscribe to their membership. That means you have to pay more money on a monthly fee structure basis when you go this route. This same company actually went so far as to admit they invest MILLIONS of dollars EVERY year on their website and ALL of their affiliate websites. What? Why? Do they need more than one or two websites for one company? Maybe a handful of operable websites would be appropriate given the need to translate a few languages across transactions, but no more than that.

It’s safe to say these types of companies are rolling their banks on membership fees. They hope and rely on their members not selling their timeshares so they can make a dependable monthly buck. Sounds like a gym membership that most of us never use again after Feb 1.

The next option for you to consider in selling your Timeshare is the ‘No Cost Up Front’ Brokers. However, most of them have strict qualifications that your property must meet and if it’s not in a desirable area, they’ll suggest other options which they do charge you for. When you’ve been asked to pay a broker, which includes their advertising, and you hear the ‘property will take some time to sell,’ you’ll one day find out, probably years from now, you were just bankrolling that transaction as well. The only thing that has been accomplished during that time-frame is the continuation of the Timeshare frustrations and the added expense to your personal Timeshare woes.

You can always consider a listing site. But keep in mind, it’s just what it says it is. A listing site. Most likely they are listing thousands of the same properties, all of which are collecting dust, and should any one of them one day sell, that site will inevitably catch you for their contractual fees before any transaction is closed.
We recommend Timeshare Termination Team.

How is Timeshare Termination Team different?

The Timeshare Termination Team doesn’t sell properties. The Team helps you gain control and get out of your Timeshare. Legally. Permanently.

This is by far THE best approach for a Permanent result. Gone will be the years of frustration, guilt, remorse, feelings of being unheard, concerns being dismissed and even ignored, and gone are the days of being strapped down with that financial burden of a Timeshare.

On a happier note, any vacations you choose to book after your Timeshare is canceled, you will most likely never again be told ‘No, nothing is available there until 2024.’

How does the Timeshare Termination process work?

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The process is very easy, and narrowed down to 3 simple Steps. 1. Meet with the Timeshare Termination Team for a 30 minute face to face Consultation to discuss the details of your situation. 2. If it’s a good fit, the Team puts together an Individualized game plan- just for you. 3. The Team then starts researching and preparing a case to take to the Tables of Negotiation. That’s it in a nut shell.

There are expert Advisers and Attorneys who act on your behalf, all the important and Legal documents are handled for you and most importantly, the Team understands all you are going through because they have personally been there.

The Timeshare Termination Team also values things most companies let go by the wayside these days… Transparency, Honesty, Communication and Professionalism. They pride themselves in being there to walk you through every step of the process, answering any questions you may have.
It might just be the best 30 minutes you’ve ever spent!