Timeshare Cancellation – the Way Out of an Unwanted Contract

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If you have recently purchased a timeshare, but you decide that you no longer want it, either because your budget right now cannot be burdened with the related expenses or for other reasons, you must know that there is a way out of the unwanted contract – here is how you can cancel it:

  • Timeshare contracts usually include clauses about the period during which buyers can change their mind and cancel the contract without having to pay any fees. Check your contract to see if the cancelling period (also called the rescinding period) is still in force – if it is, you can cancel the contract by notifying the seller in writing about your intention.
  • If the rescinding period has expired, the timeshare cancellation is more difficult, but not impossible. The easiest way out is to try and sell the timeshare by adding it to suitable listings, but if that does not seem to work out for you, you can turn to a lawyer specialized in timeshare cancellation cases. The laws that govern the timeshare cancellation process are different for each state, so you definitely need an expert to find out whether there are any legal grounds for requesting a cancellation and getting a refund.

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