Alternatives to Timeshares for Holiday Traveling

If you are looking for a safe and secure place to spend the holidays and your vacations in and you like going back to the same place for years if it meets your expectations, here are a couple of alternatives to timeshares that make more sense financially, but come with fewer limitations:

  • Buy a vacation home – if the investment into your own vacation home might seem great and you have been long dreaming of having your own little bungalow on the beach or in the mountains, but the investment seems out of reach right now, just grab a pen and a piece of paper, do a little research about property rental fees in the area that you are interested in, then do the maths and weigh your options for renting out the property during the period that you are not using the property – you might quickly see that buying your own place makes sense and you might change your mind;
  • Browse destinations and book your vacations individually – even if you like spending your vacations in the same place, you can book your travels to the same destination and the very same accommodation, all you need is a little bit of forward thinking and organization.  Although it may be that finding someone selling timeshares is the best option for your family’s annual vacation.

Is It Worth It to Refinance Your Timeshare?

Tips On Refinancing A Timeshare Property

Timeshare properties are in many ways like conventional properties – after all, this type of property is also related to a building that is constructed on a plot of land. However, they are in many ways different from standard residential property – unlike in the case of real estate, timeshares have no or very little value for mortgage lenders, if you default on your mortgage payments, the lender will not be able to sell the timeshare for a price that is equal or higher than the amount of the loan.

Timeshares being slightly unconventional types of property, it can be difficult to find a lender willing to help you with the refinancing and even you do – there are some companies that provide loans for timeshares, too –, the loan conditions might not be very favorable. If you need financial help to finance your mortgage in any way, you can take out a loan against your home equity, your IRA or you can use your stocks or your life insurance for the timeshare refinancing process, or even get rid of it with help from Timeshare Termination Team of Denver. If these options don’t work for you, you can also try to sell your timeshare, though you should be prepared that the process can take long and the price you can get for your timeshare might be less than you expect.

Are Most Timeshares on The Resale Market Already Paid Off?

Tips For Resale Market For Timeshares

Buying into a timeshare is definitely much, much easier than owning, let alone selling it. Timeshares seem to make all the sense in the world when they are pitched during the sales presentation – the buying price is usually much lower than the price of a vacation home, the property is attractive and the amenities are also great.

The problems that make many owners look for ways to get rid of their timeshare is usually not the upfront price or the quality of the property itself, but the yearly maintenance fees that keep increasing in a way that is not under the owner’s control. Most of the timeshare properties offered on the second-hand market are paid off by the property owner, the asking price being usually very low because of the high yearly fees and the low demand on the market and not because the price of the time

share has not been settled.

The same goes for timeshare rentals as well. While many of the initial timeshare contracts do not allow the owner to rent out the property for commercial gain, some contracts allow such transactions. The solution is usually chosen by owners who have paid the property in full, but can no longer use the property or cannot pay the high fees, so they try to rent it out for cheap to recover at least part of the costs related to the property. They can also contact companies like to get completely rid of their timeshare.