Watch Out for These Timeshare Scams

Watch Out For ScamsThe timeshare industry remains highly unregulated, and there are scams that timeshare buyers need to know about.

– High-Priced Help to Sell Your Timeshare: Buying a timeshare is often an impulse decision at the end of a very convincing presentation. Consequently, many buyers quickly regret the purchase. Timeshare contracts do include a short grace period during which the buyer can cancel the purchase, but the buyers who realize they don’t need their timeshare after that period usually find it very difficult to get out of their contracts. There are many companies that capitalize on that problem, promising to sell their timeshare – provided that the owner pays them a fee of a couple of hundred dollars. Once these companies receive the fee, they usually disappear with the money.

– Ever-Rising Maintenance Fees: Timeshare companies usually retain the right to increase the maintenance fees and other dues related to the timeshare without needing the owner to accept the increased fees.  Finding the best timeshare attorney will answer your question of how to get rid of a timeshare legally and quickly.

– Poor Location: The property itself might be exactly as promised, but its surrounding area might be unattractive, cut off from transportation routes or even dangerous.