When Should I Get Out of My Timeshare?

Owning A Timeshare Isnt Always What You Dreamed

The dream of having a timeshare can be ruined if you choose the wrong seller. Timeshare contracts are usually complex, and you should always read the small rows at the bottom of the pages. If you do not understand the contract, do not sign it, especially if you have not been able to review it or seek for impartial legal advice.

But if you have purchased a timeshare already and realized it is an expense that you cannot afford and even a financial burden, it is time to get out of it.

What happens if you want to give up your timeshare or sell it to someone else?

The resale price of a timeshare is usually significantly lower than the purchase price. Be careful of timeshare traps! For examples: a seller may offer to sell a timeshare on your behalf, for an upfront fee.  Be careful who you choose to trust, there have been several cases where these sellers have disappeared with the money paid in advance! Or, you may be invited by an economic operator to a meeting abroad, at your own expenses, usually to negotiate the sale. During the meeting, you may receive a suggestion for a new holiday plan, using the timeshare you own as part of the exchange. Once again, be mindful of the content of these contracts. Some people later learned they still had their initial timeshare – plus another holiday plan!

For more on timeshare cancellation, see https://www.timeshareterminationteam.com/.