Why Do People Still Buy Timeshares?


Nowadays, traveling is more affordable to most people than it was a few decades ago, so a timeshare ownership does not look so appealing anymore. In the 70s, there was a sense of pride related to owning a timeshare, but now it has rather negative connotation because of the lack of regulations that allows unorthodox practices in selling timeshares.

But why do people still buy timeshares, if they have other convenient options?

The first reason may be related to that “travel high.” More and more people are bit by the travel bug. Going somewhere on vacation is now a trend, and timeshare companies thrive on the idea of affording you a vacation that makes you forget about the daily reality.

Another reason is related to misconceptions and lack of proper information. Many timeshare owners admit that they attended presentations where they felt pushed to sign a contract. Such presentations are commonly the first interaction consumers have ever had with the concept of timeshares. They typically know nothing about the associated risks of owning a timeshare, so it is easy for the seller to only offer them convenient information and emphasize the benefits of signing a contract.

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