Why Timeshares Aren’t Worth Buying

Timeshare Terminination Is Worth It

Unfortunately, in many situations, a timeshare is just the illusion of a great vacation. You sign a contract for something that seems to be a great option to spend your holiday, but you actually get a huge financial burden, as well as a lack of options to get rid of it and recover your initial investment.

The main disadvantage is that the value of a timeshare at resale can drop by 50% of the original price. Timeshares may be the subject of subsequent sale to other third parties, but in reality the actual value of the resale is much lower than the price originally paid.

When you try to sell your timeshare, an unscrupulous seller may propose you a new holiday plan using your timeshare as a part of the exchange; be careful about these deals, because you may end up with two properties instead of one. Caution is advised, as well as paying great attention to the contractual clauses.

Abusive clauses may also occur in a timeshare contract due to poor regulations in this field. For example, you may have the unpleasant surprise that the seller restricts your access to some services and asks you to pay unjustified fees for getting it back.

Another reason why timeshares are not worth buying is that you will have to go every year in the same place. Theoretically, exchanges with other timeshare owners are possible, but not simple, nor free of charge.  Get legal advice from Timeshare Termination Team today, for help with timeshare contract cancellation.