Why Timeshares Don’t Make the Best Holiday Gifts

Costs Associated With Ownership Is Not A Good Gift

Ideally, the best holiday gift is an item that the receiver has been long been dreaming of or something that the receiver will enjoy using and having, even though he or she has not really expected it. Unless your loved has specifically asked for a timeshare deed, it is not a best idea to get one on his or her name – here is why:

  • Limitations – timeshares provide the owners access to the deeded property in the same period of each year. If the person you want to surprise with a gift is not ready to spend all their vacations in the same place and in the same period, the timeshare might not be the best choice and will leave them asking how do I sell my timeshare now;
  • Financial obligations – timeshares come with annual maintenance fees that might seem affordable in the beginning, but might be unilaterally changed by the timeshare management company. Buying a gift that requires the receiver to pay for it regularly might not be such a great idea, especially if you have no or very little information about the receiver’s current financial situation;
  • Difficult to get rid of – while unwanted household appliances or clothes can be returned to the shop where they were bought, timeshare deeds are notoriously difficult to get rid of and even selling them might take longer than a year.