Why Transferring Your Timeshare Isn’t A Great Idea

Is It A Good or Bad Idea

One way to get rid of an unwanted timeshare is to first to ask yourself how do I sell my timeshare property and legally, in other words, to transfer it. Even though in many situations, the transfer might be the only way to put the unfortunate decision behind you and to get rid of your timeshare for good, the process is usually very complicated and not very lucrative. Here is why:

  • The second-hand timeshare market is not a great place to be right now – the market currently has more sellers than buyers, which means that selling prices are very low, usually a fraction of the price paid initially by the buyer;
  • There are lots of scammers – there are many individuals and “companies” on the market that pretend to be good buyers, but they only want to exploit and scam desperate sellers. To be sure that the transfer you are just about to pursue will rid you of your unwanted timeshare, indeed, you need to verify the identity of the buyer, to check whether it is a legit business and that process can take a lot of time and energy;
  • Lots of paperwork – there are many tasks that you need to handle after the transfer has taken place. You need to notify the resort, you need to create and record the deed – complex tasks that are better taken care of by legal professionals specializing in timeshare cases.